Display Ads

Why Run Display Ads?


This is a question that has many answers, and the answers may vary for different business owners. For starters, you can reach 90% of all internet users across the globe with Google’s Display network–that’s over 2 million websites! Additionally, you can target not only your ideal customer, but that same customer with a different message at different points of his or her journey to becoming your client. So, what the Display Network really boils down to is brand awareness and effective, detailed targeting.

Franchise Marketing

Why is Brand Awareness so Important?


It’s probably a question that doesn’t need an answer–a prospect cannot become a client if they don’t know you! This is what the display network was built for–for you to get your business in front of potential customers. But how do you determine who’s a potential customer and who isn’t?

That’s where the Display Network’s targeting features comes in. When it comes to targeting, Google offers a plethora of options, including Gmail ads, Youtube ads, placing your ads on specific websites, placing your ads in front of customers who have shown interest in your services based on their web history, and much, much more. Further, the display network can be used to bring customers back to your website. With a remarketing campaign, you can get in front of users who’ve left your website, and bring them back to take action.

So, with all these targeting options, how do you choose which strategy you are to use?


That’s where Adplorer’s professional team and software technology come to the rescue! With our many years of experience tailoring ad creative, optimizing ad performance on the display network, and maximizing results for clients, we can find a strategy that fits your business goals. And, to make your life easier, we offer simple, straightforward reporting that allows you to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Combined with our expertise comes our state-of-the-art ad management system. With your campaign’s strategy in place, Adplorer finds out where you’re getting the best leads and adjusts your ad spend accordingly. Are your YouTube ads are crushing it, or your Affinity Audience of spa lovers getting you all the new customers you could ever want, or are your retargeting ads becoming extremely effective? Adplorer will recognize these trends and capitalize on them! Whereas other agencies rely on employees to manually check your campaign and make adjustments ever-so-often, Adplorer’s Machine Learning optimizes your campaigns every night!

So, if you want to build your brand’s awareness and show your ads to not just any people, but the right people, give us a call.

We’d love to help you grow your business!