Introduction to how Agencies use Adplorer

At Adplorer, we consider ourselves enablers.


. Our technology enables your Agency to work smarter, faster, and with greater precision. We help your salespeople sell, your search analysts analyze, and your managers manage. Our product was developed for agencies by an agency. Get the picture?

Adplorer’s management platform lets the inside of your business run smoothly. Our software can generate invoices, manage budgets and bidding, and send customer service request tickets to our team. No more lengthy waiting periods between emails – when time is of the essence, Adplorer is ready to address your most important concerns.

Adplorer supports you with the setup, management, and optimization of your customers’ campaigns by automating all of the repetitive tasks and optimizing spend, bids, ads, and keywords for you.

Visualize all of your campaigns’ results with our reporting solution to better diagnose those campaigns that require your attention. Track conversions for calls, emails, contact forms, purchases etc. to better measure the return on investment of your customers. Focus only on campaigns that require your intervention and expertise with alerts that alert you of “at-risk” campaigns. Adplorer is a tool for all your marketing campaigns across advertising channels that makes you a better marketer for your clients.

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