any lab test


Any Lab Test Now is a franchise brand offering retail lab testing across 212 locations. Since 2007, Any Lab Test Now has partnered with major, high-quality laboratories throughout the U.S. to provide affordable and comprehensive lab testing services directly to the public. These lab testing services are offered in a diverse variety of categories that most commonly include clinical, DNA, and drug & alcohol testing.


Any Lab Test Now felt that more people visiting their website should be booking appointments. They knew that remarketing could be a great solution, but instead of running a national campaign, they needed a way to effectively and efficiently run local remarketing campaigns for their franchisees. They also wanted to give their franchisees a resource to run their own local digital advertising campaigns that stayed within brand guidelines. There are several franchisees that own multiple locations, and the corporate team owns a group of stores as well. Because of this, Any Lab Test Now’s advertising solution would have to also streamline the advertising process for these multi-location owners.


Adplorer’s digital advertising process allowed the corporate team at Any Lab Test Now to create a remarketing plan that will lead to more booked appointments. They started testing these campaigns with a small number of store locations with the intent to expand to all 212 stores. Not only can the Any Lab Test Now corporate team use Adplorer to create and test campaigns, but they also created general campaign templates that franchisees can choose to launch in their territories at the right budget for them. These campaigns can be launched across several advertising channels that Adplorer is integrated with. Once the campaigns are launched, Adplorer’s proprietary bid and budget algorithm continuously makes optimizations through the life of the campaign so they don’t need constant attention.


 This gives each franchisee the ability to advertise their business the way they want all within brand guidelines. That’s great news for both the corporate team and the franchisees. Adplorer also allows each multi-location owner to toggle through each of their locations in the reporting dashboard to better analyze their whole business. This templated approach, along with the single reporting dashboard also creates a streamlined and scalable advertising process for Any Lab Test Now as they continue to grow.