How Oxi Fresh Optimizes Local Marketing Campaigns At Scale.

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Oxi Fresh is a leading commercial & residential carpet cleaning franchise with 450+ locations across the US and Canada. As a rapidly growing national brand, their franchisees rely heavily on Google Search Ads & Google Local Service Ads to drive new business and stay ahead of the competition.


With hundreds of local campaigns, Google Ads alone account for over +25% of website traffic and a large portion of Oxi Fresh’s leads. Before Adplorer, Oxi Fresh could not measure every franchisee’s ads consistently at scale, as each local campaign used different keywords, ad creative, and sales could not be attributed correctly because of a missing integration with Oxi Fresh’s custom in-house CRM. This led many franchises to stop their campaigns as they hesitated to invest in ads because it was unclear if they were hitting their ROI goals.



To solve this problem, Adplorer first harmonized all local advertising campaigns by basing them on a common, brand-approved master template. Then, Adplorer created an API integration between Oxi Fresh’s CRM system and the local campaigns, allowing for clearer attribution between leads & sales. Now, data can be shared meaningfully between all campaigns so new locations or struggling franchisees can learn from the highest-performing campaigns automatically. Campaigns are now optimized more efficiently as data is aggregated seamlessly across locations, leading to more robust insights. The results have shown the power of local advertising, leading to widespread adoption rates and increased revenues. With Adplorer’s help, Oxi Fresh has been able to track $4.09M in annual sales from PPC & LSA, with +90% adoption rate for new franchisees on launch.


  1. Brand Consistency Across Every Location: Now that franchisees’ campaigns run through Adplorer, Oxi Fresh knows their brand is protected, local campaigns won’t overlap, and locations use the proven campaign templates.
  2. Refine Local Campaigns At Scale: With over +90% of new franchisees launching their business now with local Adplorer campaigns, Oxi Fresh has robust data to optimize collectively across every franchise market.
  3. Gain Insights & Maximize Local ROI: By building a direct API to Oxi Fresh’s home-grown CRM, Adplorer produces campaigns with faster optimization across all locations using actual sales to drive results and ROI.