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Co-working spaces in France have had great success in the last decade for several reasons:
• These workspaces allow people to break out of small, isolated office spaces and engage with the co-working space’s business community.
• These well-designed spaces are often in a great location, and offer a full range of services and amenities included with the rent.
The number of co-working spaces in France increased from 20 in 2012 to 165 at the end of the first half of 2017.


With three centrally located workspaces, the Work In Paris Network has competed against the much larger co-working spaces in Paris. The three spaceshave been completely sold out for several months now. However, the manager says it was not always easy to keep their co-working spaces full, “When you are setting up in a market where you are dependent on large clients, you have to know how to get in the game. Local referencing was a major asset to help us emerge.”


The manager of Work In Paris spaces was quickly confronted with issues related to the local marketing of his spaces. All of them are located in a very specific area of Paris and the availability of office space is not the same depending on the individual location. In order to best market the businesses, this client needed very specifically geo-targeted advertisements, personalized according to the office space available, with the goal of getting best occupancy rate possible.


Working together with Work In Paris, we have created geo-targeted ads on Google Search, for each individual co-working location. Depending on the office space available at any given time, we can activate or pause the campaigns as different office spaces are vacated or occupied. The budget is optimized to incentivise spaces that will lead to larger profit for the client.


Since the start of the campaigns, there were 1,750 online appointments to visit the premises thanks to the advertisements, at a cost of less than $3 per contact.


“When I started, I managed my Adwords campaigns myself, but I was aware of not being experienced enough and I didn’t have enough time to truly optimize the ads. When I met the Adplorer team, I immediately understood that letting them manage my campaigns would cost me a little more, but that the results of the campaigns would be more than my investment. They worked.”