Campaign Management

Adplorer offers campaign management for SMB’s, Multi-Location Businesses, and Enterprises all looking to gain an edge in local marketing. Our team of experts will help you build new campaign templates, set up tracking, and QA it all to make sure your campaigns are successful.

Adplorer Campaign Managers will help your team manage hundreds of campaigns if necessary, checking for any alerts and maintaining performance alongside the Adplorer Optimization. We use a combination of machine learning and the human touch to ensure that every campaign is running at its best. Our campaign managers can help your business with:


Our Campaign Managers are certified Google Ads Premier Partners, Facebook Marketing Partners, and Bing Ads Accredited. We will work with your in-house teams to implement best practices and consult with your team to make sure you are using Adplorer to the fullest! Need on-going support? Talk to our sales team today to find out how we can help.