google ads franchise

The discussion of digital marketing within a franchise currently requires communication at several levels within the organization:

  • The relationship between franchisee and the brand.
  • Recruitment of new franchisees.
  • Training.
  • Communication between the brand and current customers.
  • The local communication of each franchisee with its potential customers.

On this last level, local communication with potential customers, Google Ads is a major asset in helping local business owners win new sales. Since this occurs on the “franchisee to potential customers” level, it also presents a unique challenge for management at the brand level. Paid advertising allows franchisees to communicate locally and gain new customers who are looking for their products or services. Often the Ads are designed to meet the specific requirements of franchise networks, and, with the right tool, can streamline the communication between the franchisee and franchisor.

1. Google Ads allows franchises to target Internet users very exactly.

Precise and manageable geographic targeting.

With each franchisee having their own well-defined territory, it’s important that their digital marketing targets this area. Google Ads allows you to precisely define the geographic area in which internet users will see the ads of a franchise location. For example, a mile radius around the store or a list of cities connected to this location could be targeted. This is important because ads shown too far outside of the territory would be a waste of resources on customers unlikely to convert at the franchisee’s locations. Sometimes Franchisees of the same business have territories that are close together, with geotargeting, disputes over which location’s ads are generating each franchisee’s new business can be eliminated. 

With Adplorer’s Google ads management tool all of these territories can be uploaded into our software so that the corporate brand can thus guarantee that each location’s budget is fully spent only on the area that will drive the business for each individual franchisee.

Google Ads makes it possible to reach Internet users when they are looking to purchase.

Unlike television ads, direct mail, or billboards, for example, Google Ads offers the franchisee the opportunity to reach their target customers at the very moment when they are looking for the service or product offered. When potential customers search for a service on Google, they are already more advanced in the purchasing process, they are looking for a specific product or service, compared to when they see an advertisement on television.

2. Google Ads guarantees controlled and measurable reporting.

Concrete results are measurable by franchisees.

With a Google Ads campaign, the results can be measured very precisely. We can, of course, know how many people have visited corporate or location website. But, with Adplorer’s Google Ads management tool, it is possible to know the number of people who converted by telephone or contact form on each individual location site.

Quantifying your results allows you to optimize campaigns to obtain the best possible results. This also allows the corporate office to gain important insights in order to enhance its overall national franchise marketing strategy. We also believe that for the digital marketing of a franchise to be successful, it is necessary that each franchisee is convinced of the benefit on the basis of concrete results of their advertising campaign. Our local reporting dashboard gives franchisees important information so they can make educated decisions about their campaigns. We can even connect to your existing CRM to calculate each location’s individual ROI on their campaigns.

Each location controls its budget.

In Google Ads, each franchisee has control to choose the budget allocated to the campaign each month. Once set, the monthly budget will be spent evenly across the entire period.

3. Google Ads allows seamless communication across the network. 

Adplorer, as a solution for the management of scalable Google Ads Campaigns, guarantees the corporate office is in control of its franchise marketing communication. With Adplorer’s Google Ads Management Tool, the corporate brand retains control over local franchisees’ communication with their customers and the brand image. By working with Adplorer, the corporate office can predetermine the content of the ads published on Google and the searches that they would like to appear for. Then, the franchisee only needs to decide what monthly budget they would like to allocate to their Google Ads. Their ad content will automatically be customized and targeted to appear to customers in their territory.

In addition, unlike many other equally important tools in local digital marketing, our Google Ads campaigns have the advantage of being set up very quickly and optimized efficiently. Our management tool automatically optimizes campaigns 24/7/365 to drive more online conversions in the form of phone calls, contact forms, and more. Manually optimizing campaigns will take much longer and require quite a bit more work to have an effect on the brand’s digital marketing strategy. Using collective intelligence, Adplorer’s campaign optimization algorithm uses data insights from other location’s campaigns to optimize each local campaign.

If you’re looking for a Google Advertising solution fill out a form and tell us more about your current advertising. We’d love to chat about how we can improve your current marketing processes and communication.