Adplorer’s Platform Harnesses the Power of Local Ads for Distributed Enterprises


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For distributed organizations like franchise systems, retail chains, and other enterprises with local branches, market insights gained through years of building strong business relationships in local communities are an invaluable asset. But harnessing that knowledge for local online advertising can be logistically complex and costly for many businesses. Seeing an opportunity to help its clients tap into local market insights at scale, SEM platform provider Adplorer decided to leverage the regional market knowledge of its local affiliates with help from the automation and programmatic controls of the AdWords API.


Adplorer began as an online advertising agency for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)—a position that allowed the company to see firsthand the advantages that local market intelligence brought to its clients. Now a Google Premier Partner, Adplorer has evolved over the past decade into a platform provider for ad agencies that serve SMBs. With international offices in Cologne, Paris, and Atlanta, Adplorer brings its nuanced understanding of European markets to large agencies that handle advertising for companies with geographically dispersed branches.


Adplorer realized their solution had to be customizable for each organization and vertical when it came to campaign creation, payment methods, user registration, and reporting. The company needed to offer fully automated processes like booking, reporting, invoicing, and campaign optimization. It also needed to provide branch locations the flexibility to address their local markets of expertise while still ensuring overall consistency and control from corporate headquarters.


Adplorer’s platform practically eliminates the need for manual intervention from headquarters by offering businesses an automated workflow that covers self-booking of ads, campaign optimization, reporting, and invoicing. The corporate headquarters or central office handles initial setup by registering information about local partners in Adplorer. Adplorer then creates campaign templates using variables that allow local branches to customize their ads. After all this information gets uploaded to Google, local partners can self-book ad topics via Adplorer’s client component, Adplorer eXpress. Adplorer then continually optimizes campaigns by providing budget
proposals, daily online reporting, and regular report emails. Finally, Adplorer automatically invoices local partners. So what makes all this automation possible? “The AdWords API lies at the core of our business,” said Dr. Constantin Lange, Adplorer’s CEO. “It allows us to massively reduce costs by increasing the speed and
quality of service on behalf of our clients.” Adplorer’s platform uses a number of Adwords API services to enable key features:

Managed Customer Service automatically creates new individual Google accounts for participating branches.
Traffic Estimator Service collects live data that Adplorer uses to propose a budget. Through a proprietary algorithm, Adplorer provides guidance on the difficult question of how much to spend on a campaign.
Report Definition Service downloads report data to Adplorer’s reporting center, which generates reports and report emails according to client preferences.
Budget Order Service sets the overall budget and campaign times for individual Google accounts whenever a campaign is created or modified, allowing control over the entire invoicing flow.


The results of Adplorer’s automation through the AdWords API speak for themselves, delivering Adplorer’s clients a 70% increase in participating local outlets within six months of adopting Adplorer. They’ve also seen a +40% increase in ARPU within four months of integrating Adplorer’s recommended budgets. Lastly, Adplorer’s customers saw a 90% reduction in the time they spent on invoicing. Moreover, time spent to create individual campaigns has dropped from up to 60 minutes to only one minute, with an average of just 10 clicks needed to create a campaign in the Adplorer eXpress interface. Today, Adplorer manages over 20,000 active accounts, empowering agencies and the businesses they represent to reap the benefits of local online advertising. Adplorer’s clients love what the company has done for their bottom line. “We are big fans of Adplorer,” said Wolfgang Eggert, head of SEM at Germany’s KlickTel. “We switched from our in-house solution to Adplorer in 2013 and have been able to increase productivity by over 50%. Thanks to Adplorer’s vast feature set, our campaign managers handle anywhere from 1,500 to 2,000 AdWords accounts each, while serving clients’ needs with greater flexibility than ever before.”


Adplorer handles Google search and display ads now, but the company has begun integration with Google My Business (GMB) via the GMB API, enabling branches or headquarters to manage their GMB locations through the same convenient interface they use to manage AdWords. They also plan to support local inventory ads in Adplorer eXpress via the Content API for Shopping. Adplorer, together with the AdWords API, has equipped distributed enterprises with the tools to leverage their branches’ local market expertise while maintaining centralized control. In the process, they’ve given their local affiliates the freedom to tailor their messaging to the
markets they know best.

adplorer-casestudy-051017-1, Adplorer is the trade name of Publocity since 2020.