Showhomes case study


Showhomes is a home staging franchise brand with 25 locations in the US. Their primary business is staging homes in order to sell them quicker, and for more. They also offer an array of other services from interior design projects to short-term rental styling. Showhomes is able to serve home owners looking to sell their home, realtors, owners of luxury homes in need of interior design services, and investors who own short term-rental properties.


Due to their wide variety of clients, Showhomes needed a way to advertise in several places to reach each customer group. They could run national campaigns on both Google and Facebook, but there would be a lot of wasted budget on clicks and impressions outside of the 25 locations, and their reporting would be in two different places. They needed a solution that could not only report on campaigns from different channels but also advertise at the local level at scale.


Adplorer allowed the Showhomes corporate team to create advertising campaign templates, using brand approved assets, for each channel that their franchisees would need to advertise on to reach all of their potential customers. This allowed them to analyze their campaigns from one dashboard at both the corporate and franchisee level.


Now that there are campaign templates in place, one third of the Showhomes franchisees have been able to easily launch campaigns through multiple channels and let Adplorer’s bid and budget algorithm do the heavy lifting when it comes to optimization. They’re also able to monitor their results from each channel from a single, local dashboard. Showhomes can now scale their local advertising at their own pace.