Bulk Editing PPC Tool For Advertising Campaigns

The bulk tool is an indispensable tool of Adplorer. With this tool, hundreds of local campaigns can be created or modified in a few clicks, for hundreds of locations. This is one of the many advantages of Adplorer to organize and simplify the management of your local advertising campaigns.

Bulk editing and Creation – What is that?


The bulk creation and bulk editing of Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads campaigns means that the campaign manager implements the action once and then automatically duplicates it across many campaigns.

For very heterogeneous customers, bulk processes may include adding a negative keyword or bulk activation of certain account features. In such cases, we support our customers with our “Bulk Service” on request with direct special interventions by our developers.

For groups of businesses with homogeneous campaign content Adplorer allows you to design a campaign template and then duplicate it for individual locations, taking into account location-specific variables like phone number, address, etc. The Adplorer software allows for the bulk editing PPC tool to make campaign adjustments across all locations using this the campaign template. The “Bulk Editing PPC Tool” module allows campaign managers to independently create and optimize accounts and campaigns in bulk.

Bulk Editing PPC Tool

Bulk Editing PPC Tool for Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads Campaigns


Suppose you are responsible for advertising for a Kindergarten franchise. You want to offer a summer camp. Your team is excited about this new idea, which will make parents and children happy and bring new customers. The first step is to establish a strong advertising presence. But now you want to get started with your advertising. So how do you create a summer camp campaign and get it up and running in a few days for all your locations across the country?

This is what makes Adplorer’s proprietary Bulk Editing PPC Tool so effective. Using Adplorer’s software, you or our team can create the perfect campaign for summer camps. Once this campaign is created, the template is immediately distributed to all your locations. While agencies and internal marketing teams usually have to manually copy these campaigns a hundred times, Adplorer automates this process so that it can be completed within hours.

And this does not only apply to new campaigns. You can also use the same tool to easily edit running campaigns in bulk – updates for ad copies, new keywords, new ad groups, new targeting settings, and much more. So when someone sees a new trend or marketing opportunity, these ideas can be quickly and efficiently implemented and rolled out.

After all, when it comes to your franchise or multi-location business, branding is everything. Consistency of your brand message across locations can sometimes be difficult. You can rely on our Bulk Editing PPC Tool to keep your brand consistent – whether it’s advertising creations, new services, or a new message, Adplorer ensures that it’s delivered to all locations simultaneously.

Enjoy these advantages of the Adplorer Bulk Editing PPC Tool


Bulk Editing PPC Tool

Save a Lot of Time

The creation of a Google account with a professional Google Ads campaign and ad group structure for local advertising requires about 150 to 200 manual actions in the Google Ads account and usually takes about 2 hours. With the Adplorer Bulk method, you only have to invest time once designing the campaign for the first location. Afterwards, the rest is automated. Adding future locations take very little time and effort. The locations you add, the more time and money you save! By the way, another advantage – you no longer make mistakes when duplicating!

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Solve the Data Scarcity Problem

The basic problem of local Google, Facebook and Bing Ads campaigns is that there is simply not enough data per location to perform meaningful fine-grained optimizations on keyword or ad group level. There are simply not enough clicks and conversions per location.

ADPLORER SOLVES THIS PROBLEM! Since all campaigns created using the bulk tools are very similar, it is statistically possible to aggregate the data of these campaigns for optimization purposes. This increases the confidence level of the changes made allowing optimization to achieve results much faster. This Collective Intelligence Marketing is a core part of the proprietary bid management algorithm that Adplorer uses.

Manage Marketing Grants

We generally recommend following the principle 1 location = 1 Google Ads account when creating campaigns for multilocation businesses. Adplorer makes it easy to do this! A big advantage to setting up individual ad accounts is that this now makes it possible to set dedicated monthly budgets per site and even to enable per-site billing in Google. Adplorer’s flexibility allows you to grant marketing cost subsidies to individual locations from a central marketing budget. The individual location can book their campaign in Adplorer and it will be shown directly how much marketing cost allowance it will receive in addition to their contribution.

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The process is done in three steps. In the first step, the master data for the locations for which the bulk campaign is to be created must be uploaded to Adplorer (address data, etc.). In the second step, the campaign manager creates the campaign (ads, keywords, etc.) using variables that are later filled with the values from the individual location data of the businesses. In the third step, the location-specific campaign settings (budget, target URL, etc.) must be uploaded to Adplorer. Then a simple click is all it takes to create and upload the campaigns to Google.