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Horizon: The platform for Franchise CMOs to manage the complexity of local advertising.

  • Consistent brand voice
  • Locally refined
  • ROI driven
CMO's Software

A complete platform that brings together all your local digital marketing


There are many channels for local digital advertising and communication, our all-in-one platform gathers the main one for local businesses: Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube, presence management (GBP, Bing Places & Facebook Page) and review management to organize and simplify it.

Here are the Adplorer Horizon MODULES that have been developed specifically to meet the particular needs of franchise networks


Included Solutions

 Location Management

User Management

Individual Marketing Dashboard for each location


Included Features

Upload all your franchisee locations to Horizon and receive a clear overview of them. You can also set up multi-unit franchisees

User roles are fit for multilocation use cases including administrators, single unit users, multi unit users and regional representatives.

Each franchise unit can access its own marketing dashboard, where key KPIs for running campaigns are shown and where the franchise can book predefined products in self-service.

Interested to learn more about Horizon’s features?

Talk to our product experts today and learn how Adplorer Horizon can help you!