Adplorer’s database is filled with valuable information on your clients’ campaigns, your employees’ actions, and your invoices.


Adplorer provides managers with a variety of useful reports that are necessary to determine the performance of your entire business from top to bottom with:

Log List

Allows you to identify which changes were made by user and time.

Media Spent Report

Aggregated media spendings by order across all media channels.

Spend Forecast

Spend forecast for Google and Bing.

Commission Report

Report providing the base data necessary for commission calculation for sales and account managers.

Last Login Report

Let’s you see the last time individual users logged into the platform.

NPS Report

NPS results from your clients.

Service Contact Report

Summary of client-related activities carried out per user.

Performance by Industry Report

Campaign related KPIs aggregated by industry.

Cohort Report

Churn analysis by month of new user acquisition.

Campaign Manager Performance Report

Campaign related KPIs aggregated by campaign manager.

Evolution Report

Development of agency customer base including churn and ARPU.

Adplorer’s team is happy to develop further management information system reports upon your request at any time and provide expert consulting on how to make your agency more profitable and valuable.

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