Task Management

Managing a large number of local online marketing campaigns requires a high degree of automation to be scalable and efficient.


However, it is not only the automation that increases efficiency but introducing structured processes to handle tasks is necessary to fulfill the client’s needs, allowing agencies to enter the industrial age of advertising.

Adplorer has been designed from the start to improve efficiency with local marketing tools, providing powerful and useful mechanisms to set up such processes within your agency.

User Roles

Each client and each campaign in Adplorer can be associated with one or several users that are assigned different roles such as sales, customer success manager or campaign manager. Users can be restricted to only view those clients and campaigns they are associated with to organize each department within your agency.

Product Types and Standard Tasks

Adplorer allows the administrator to define new products that the agency wants to offer to its clients: for example a “Google Search Gold Package” or an “SEO Lite Package”. Your administrator can define a list of standard tasks for each product that needs to be carried out at the setup of the campaign by different user-roles associated with orders of the specific product type. Tasks can be as simple as “Call the customer to discuss ideal keywords” or as complex as “Install tracking code in customer website”. When an order is created in Adplorer, the creator can associate one of their predefined product types to these new campaigns.


Adplorer provides a dashboard for each individual user with a list of open To-Do’s specifically assigned to him or her, which they need to complete. These To-Do’s can be created either as part of the standard tasks, created individually as ad-hoc tasks by another team member, or they can be created by Adplorer as part of the Adplorer alert system. The administrator can define alerts for the campaign manager when a campaign does not perform well or specific thresholds have been reached like, “No Conversions since X days” or “Disapproved Ads need Action”.

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