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marketing agency sales process

Is your marketing agency sales process software supported? Do your sales reps in online marketing have difficulties recommending the right measures and budgets to your customers during sales calls?

marketing agency sales process

Does your campaign management struggle to keep up with the latest offers and ideas from sales ?

Then Adplorer can help. Adplorer offers your company a scalable, account-based sales management system that was developed specifically for your marketing agency sales process. With a comprehensive range of sales tools at your disposal, Adplorer makes it easy to empower your sales team to sell online marketing services and you can further expand your customer base, accelerate your sales pipelines and launch campaigns faster with Adplorer.

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Higher Sales Competence


Many sales employees shy away from discussing complicated online advertising offers with customers, as customer questions are often diverse, unstructured and detail-oriented. Adplorer’s sales tool is a pre-defined marketing agency sales process that employees use to conduct the sales talk at the customer’s site or via telephone/video in a structured manner. All essential topics for advertising campaigns are worked through and the customer can already be shown suggestions for ad texts and concrete budget recommendations with expected performance forecasts during the conversation.


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Quotation creation Improve efficiency


With Adplorer you sales staff can automatically generate a proposal for the customer based on their conversations. Customers can accept proposals, your terms and conditions, and enter their payment details directly online. This makes the deal perfect! No more emailing back and forth and no one will have an overview later. The accepted offer is saved in Adplorer and can be reviewed at any time. This improvement to your marketing agency sales process saves your sales staff a lot of time, which would otherwise be spent on administrative tasks.

Better preparation for campaign creation


But it gets even better. The completed proposal is automatically created as an order in the Adplorer. Your campaign management staff will be informed that a new order needs to be revised. The campaign manager can now directly access the automatically generated campaign based on your customer’s criteria. After reviewing the campaign, he can launch it with the click of a button. If necessary, special checkpoints can signal to configure advanced campaign operations, such as creating tracking or refining the campaign itself.

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Simone Maier

Product Manager New Business & Services Localsearch

“With over 300 client consultants we at Localsearch work on the success of Switzerland’s SME in the digital world. We use the Adplorer sales tool during the personal sales meetings with our clients. It only takes a few clicks to have Adplorer to determine the reach potential of individualized local Google Ads campaigns

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Sales Tool

Our agency customers love the Adplorer sales tool for their marketing agency sales processes. It helps their sales staff prepare for the customer sales pitch and create a campaign proposal for the customer with just a few clicks. Based on the customers budget and keywords, Adplorer then determines the optimal monthly budget for the customer.



As a further extension of the sales tool, Adplorer offers a whitelabel-capable self-service tool where your customers can book pre-packaged campaigns on Google, BING, and Facebook with just a few clicks. Adplorer can then import these campaigns directly into the advertising platforms and launch them without manual intervention.


Equip your sales teams with easy-to-use self-service templates for launching campaigns and placing orders fully automated marketing agency sales process. Your campaign management team can create pre-defined campaigns for Google, Facebook, Display, and more allowing salespeople to launch new orders for customers. The start of a new campaign can be done in less than 2 minutes with Adplorer! Once your sales team has completed the deal, your customers can place orders directly through their customer login portal and automatically send the order to order processing and customer care.

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In addition, our sales management system is also equipped with CRM tools that make it easier for you to organize and allow sales managers to track the performance of their team. Adplorer keeps track of your closings and churn, which is fully integrated into the workflows of your operations and fulfillment teams. Run sales and commission reports directly from the Adplorer. You no longer need to work across multiple systems!

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