Multi Channel Marketing Optimization

Scalable multi channel marketing solutions.

Multi channel marketing adds value.


With integrated multi channel marketing, you can offer your customers a service that they cannot obtain directly from Google, Facebook, or BING. Adplorer is fully multi channel capable! For search or display campaigns it makes sense to have a shared budget across several advertising channels. Adplorer will take care of budget allocations to each channel automatically and, in the sense of a truly shared budget, distribute the budget to each channel so that the campaign performance or other defined campaign goal is achieved, maximizing the multi channel campaign’s performance. Often agency’s spend hours determining how to allocate a client’s budget to different marketing channels, Adplorer’s algorithm will calculate the optimal distribution daily saving your agency time and effort.

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Act faster than your customers


Optimization often means troubleshooting and manual intervention by campaign managers. To make life easier for your campaign managers, Adplorer helps them detect problems in a targeted manner. Custom alerts signal campaign performance problems and provides them with tools to quickly resolve campaign performance problems. With Adplorer your campaign managers will always be one step ahead.

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Become independent of Google and Facebook algorithms


Adplorer’s flexibility allows you to set precise rules for starting and ending campaigns, for budget allocation, and for optimizations. During the daily optimizations, Adplorer follows your custom instructions and provides you with detailed reports to monitor Adplorer’s changes on a daily basis with full transparency. Make yourself independent of Google, Facebook, and other digital platforms whose machine learning algorithms are not transparent.

Best multi channel marketing results are achieved through collaboration between campaign managers and automated algorithms


Adplorer Goals & rules
Agency Tool

Adplorer help for campaign managers


  • Warnings: Rejected ad texts, x days without impressions, clicks or leads, and more!
  • Signals: budget utilization too low or too high, CpC or CpL higher than the defined target value, and more!
  • Calendar planning: long-term seasonal budget planning capabilities or scheduling future social post-dates
  • Bulk Updates: adding negative keywords, target proportional budget distribution, billing setup, and more!
  • Trigger customer mails: functionality to set automatic emails based on campaign events. For example, a notice of imminent contract end or a warning message for low impression shares.
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Adplorer automatic optimization system


  • Monthly planning: For example, automatic budget changes depending on your specification
  • Stop rules: Set custom campaign signals to automatically stop a campaign, like when a budget target or end date is reached
  • Pacing: Control optimizations for example budget pacing within a calendar month or across months in a term
  • Optimization goals: Choose from campaign optimization algorithms with specific goals such as click, lead or margin maximization
  • Auxiliary condition: Specific conditions that must be met, such as minimum impression in the top 3 ad spots of the of Google search results
  • Single and multi channel marketing: For example, optimizing a Google or a Google-BING campaign combined in one order
  • Cooperative Intelligence Marketing: Using cross-location insights for optimization
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Alert Systems

Customize the campaign situations that Adplorer will alert you or your colleagues of possible changes. Manage these alerts directly in Adplorer, trigger an e-mail, or assign a specific task to be completed in the Adplorer Task Manager. That way, nothing gets lost and your campaigns run smoothly.

Google My Business

Create and manage Google My Business accounts and Facebook pages within Adplorer. Track customer interactions on GMB and Facebook directly in Adplorer reports. Compare KPIs across sites and roll up your data from multiple locations for better brand management.

Adplorer’s algorithms take care of setting daily budgets and bids for you. This is done based on proven procedures using a self-learning heuristic that also takes stochastic processes into account. The possible combinations are almost unlimited. Single campaigns or multi-site campaigns can be optimized on individual platforms or directly combined on several.

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Social Media

Build your social community with Adplorer’s social media planning and management software. Post in bulk with localized variables and track the performance of social sites across multiple accounts or sites.



Yes, that is possible. For example, you can use Adplorer for budget control only and let the platforms determine the bids themselves.

Adplorer offers three fundamentally different ways of distributing the budget. You can (1) enter an actual fixed runtime budget for each channel, which Adplorer then manages. Alternatively, you can (2) define a percentage distribution of expenditures, which Adplorer then complies with, provided that money can be spent on all channels. However, if one channel (this is partly the case with BING, for example) is not able to absorb its budget share, then the excess budget is spent in the other channels. Finally, you can (3) directly specify a complete shared budget for all channels and Adplorer will spend the money in a performance-maximizing way.