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Adplorer’s Agency Management System: Sell. Create. Optimize. Report. Invoice.

Adplorer is the world’s first all-inclusive digital marketing agency management system for local campaigns.


Agencies and internal marketing departments use Adplorer’s agency management system for the creation and management of paid campaigns, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Reporting. Adplorer provides solutions for the entire campaign journey – including tools for sales, easy campaign creation, daily optimization using proprietary algorithms, reporting, and the final invoice generated for your client. Adplorer comes with task management tools specially designed for agency needs including to-do lists, alerts, and client management systems.

Agency Management System
Agency management system
agency management system

Adplorer leverages proprietary multi-channel optimization algorithms across Google, Bing, Facebook, and other major platforms for unrivaled local marketing performance.


Adplorer dynamically optimizes your budgets to spend money on the networks that are performing the best, while at the same time pacing your spendings across the duration of the campaign. Our budget distribution algorithms track where you are getting your best ROI and immediately optimizes your budgets to the channels driving the most business. Whether you’re taking your budget to Google, Facebook, or Bing, Adplorer has the software to identify and optimize which platform generates the best leads. With Adplorer, we give you the choice to use the Google, Bing, or Facebook’s inherent optimizations and let Adplorer handle the budget distribution, or you can choose to leverage Adplorer’s own bidding algorithms that allow you to optimize independently from the advertising platforms.

Marketing Automation Software

Self-Service Tool

Our clients love Adplorer’s self-service tools with campaign templates built specifically for each clients’ needs. In just minutes, clients can order marketing campaigns across every major platform we work with. It’s never been easier to run forecasts, edit your budgets, access real-time reports, and view key campaign statistics to get real-time and actionable insights into your marketing efforts. In only two minutes, Adplorer’s self-service tool can accomplish what a typical agency accomplishes in three weeks. We’re a software company at heart – which equals unmatched speed and efficiency.

agency management system

Multi-Location Features

Centralized organizations such as a franchise, a co-op’s, and manufacture-dealer need scalable local marketing solutions. Adplorer provides multi-locations businesses with the possibility to create and manage their campaigns in bulk. Leverage insights across all locations with Adplorer’s roll-up reporting for headquarters and manage your marketing fund with tools built specifically to meet your needs.

Marketing Automation Software

Multi-National Support

Adplorer can service clients in any country in any language. Our software allows a seamless transition between website country codes and domains, allowing you to effectively market the same campaigns without borders or boundaries.

agency management system

Back Office Automation

Automation does not end with simply managing bids or bulk editing campaigns. We know that many managing multiple local marketing campaigns create its own inefficiencies from back-office tasks like task management, commission calculation and invoice generation. Adplorer’s marketing automation software provides the tools you need to manage all of those and integrates with Quickbooks via an API, allowing for an easy way to write thousands of invoices per month quickly and easily. Proven to be game-changing for multi-location agencies by dramatically increasing their operating efficiency through Adplorer’s agency management system, Adplorer is transforming agencies into Allstars. Adplorer is the preferred choice for local marketing.

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