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E-Motion is a franchise made up of 45 locations in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. They are experts in German electric bikes, and position themselves as a reseller able to advise and support the consumer after their purchases.


E-Motion quickly encountered problems related to the standardization of local marketing for each franchisee. No business owner has the same strategy and interest in digital advertising, and some platforms were difficult for the franchisees to access.


Adplorer’s digital marketing platform is designed for franchise and multi-location businesses. Adplorer gives the corporate office the ability to create Google Ad campaign templates to be standardized across the businesses. These templates can be expanded to include Google Display, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram campaigns. Franchisees only need to activate campaigns and, according to their need, choose the budget they wish to spend.

E-Motion’s corporate office offers their local business owners 1 display advertising template, a remarketing campaign, 9 template Google Search campaigns, and 3 Facebook campaign templates. Franchisees can therefore choose which campaigns best align with their marketing strategy, and move their budges around as they wish.


In March 2017, 28 stores started with Adplorer, with an average budget of $400 per month per store.

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Today, all stores have doubled their budgets to an average of $800 per month per store, & the average position has increased to 1.8.

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