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About Adplorer and Our Vision for Marketing


We believe in creating better local marketing solutions.


In 2008, Adplorer started as a local marketing company in Cologne, Germany and quickly grew. Experiencing challenges common to growing agencies, we developed software to assist in efficiently managing scalable digital marketing campaigns across different channels. Our services and tools are developed to provide the world’s most effective local marketing solutions for our clients. With our global presence, Adplorer is a local marketing company that offers a unique combination of German quality, French style, and American pragmatism, allowing us to provide unrivaled software and services for local online marketing campaigns.

Adplorer celebrates its 10 year anniversary in 2019. Founded in Cologne, Germany by Constantin Lange and Alexander Nitschke as an online marketing solution for local businesses, Adplorer opened its first international office in Paris, France in 2013, followed by the Kattowitz, Poland office in 2014, and our Atlanta, USA office in 2015.

drawings from Paris-Cologne-Atlanta graphics

Meet the team


Constantin Local marketing company

Constantin Lange

Our fearless leader, Constantin Lange, has brought together an international dream team of digital marketers, developers, and stellar customer support. As a specialist in advertising and interactive media, Constantin began his career at Bertelsmann, later becoming the CEO of all digital activities of Germany’s leading television station, RTL. He holds degrees in Computer Science and Management from Berlin, a Masters in Business Administration from MIT, and a PhD from the University of Hohenheim.

CTO Adplorer Local marketing company

Alexander Nitschke

Alexander Nitschke is the brains behind our technology. He studied economics engineering and computer science in Berlin and ran several consulting firms before embarking on the Adplorer adventure.

Picture of Ryan Stackable

Ryan Stackable

Ryan is heading our business in North America from our office in Atlanta. After graduating from the university of Arkansas with a degree in Marketing Ryan joined Adplorer in 2017 as customer success manager. He was quickly promoted to project manager and head of business development and has taken over from Constantin as CEO of Adplorer Marketing Solutions in May 2020.

Picture of Joe Schultz Adplorer

Joakim Schultz

Joakim Schultz joined Adplorer in January 2021 and heads up the global sales team from his base in Lund, Sweden. Joakim is obsessed with creating customer value and has a long track record in sales and sales management of SaaS solutions within the local space. Joakim holds a MSc in Business Administration from Lund University in Sweden.

Picture of Thibaut Reygner

Thibaut Reygner

Thibaut Reygner joined Adplorer in 2018 after working for different audiovisual groups (Orange, Warner, M6, ViacomCBS). Passionated about local digital marketing, he has been leading the french office since september 2021.

Our 2019 Adplorer International Team Summit in France

Our international team consists of experts in marketing, sales, software development, design, and business automation.

Your Local Marketing Solution


Adplorer is the world’s first all-inclusive digital marketing automation platform built specifically to help you manage local marketing campaigns. Our technology enables you to scale marketing campaigns across thousands of SMBs, Franchise Locations, and Enterprises all over the world. Agencies and internal marketing departments use Adplorer to automate the creation and management of campaigns on Google, Bing, and Facebook, as well as manage their Social Media platforms and Reporting all in one platform! Adplorer provides your business with customer self-service tools for sales, template creation of new campaigns, 24/7 optimization using our proprietary algorithms, easy to use client reporting, and customer management and invoicing solutions to keep your business operating efficiently. Create, develop and optimize online advertising campaigns with Adplorer.

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