What motivates us anew every day…

Our vision is to develop an automated all-in-one solution for local online marketing


When Adplorer was founded in 2009, machine learning marketing was not yet a real issue. But we already started to develop an in-house ad management software for Google Ads. Since then, we have continuously expanded our platform to meet all digital marketing requirements with competence and speed, trustworthy transparency and passionate customer service. We have not yet reached our goal, as this is still a moving target at the moment, but we are on a very good way and are working daily to improve and expand our solution.

Automation & Machine Learning Marketing


Our belief is that the advertising industry is in the middle of a profound change, similar to changes that other industries like for example the car manufacturing industry went through. At the beginning of the 20th century cars were produced individually in small local shops. This changed completely with the invention of assembly lines that structured the production process, allowed for a distribution of the work among different people with specialized skills and which let to the automation of more and more repetitive tasks. A similar paradigm shift is in the verge of happening in the advertising industry. Eventually we believe that agency employees will spend there time exclusively with creative thinking and surveillance of the automation algorithms at work.

Today our software gives multilocation companies and agencies the ability to manage all their essential digital marketing programs in one place. Our proprietary optimization algorithms are the core of our Machine Learning Marketing approach and eliminate cumbersome daily work in the execution of marketing. Monitor social media, pay-per-click advertising, organic rankings, and more with our custom integrated reports. Adplorer strives to create effortless interactions for our clients to create a better marketing experience.

Adplorer has offices in five countries and two continents. This allows us to handle international projects and provide contacts for almost all time zones.

Our team consists of knowledgeable employees with different skills to provide you with the best possible marketing software and customer service. The support of our team goes beyond the mere support of our software, as we are not only a software development company, but also run an agency business ourselves. The Adplorer team can help you understand where your company stands and how you can achieve your goals through our platform and machine learning marketing.

Machine Learning Marketing

No matter what kind of support you need at what time, we are there for you. Your personal customer success manager can help you get the most out of our software and your marketing campaigns!


“Vision is when the future hands its business card to the presence.”