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We answer to all your questions about marketing digital local!



The main digital advertising channels are Google Ads, with search ads, display ads and Youtube Ads; Facebook Ads with Facebook and Instagram; Bing Ads, and Waze Ads.
Search Ads on Google or Bing are perfect to target people who are looking for your type of products or services online. You can easily reach your target and increase traffic on your website and conversions. Display ads with Google, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube are more interesting if you want to develop your brand awareness, or communicate on a special offer, or a particular event. Waze is a very good channel if you need to increase traffic in your shop. The right digital advertising channel depends on your goal. Whatever the channel you select, you will be able to control the budget and the geographic target.

Adplorer is linked to all major online advertising channels via direct interfaces. These include Google Ads, Facebook Ads, BING Ads. In addition, Adplorer is also connected to Google My Business and Facebook pages via API to manage them. Adplorer also integrates all your reporting, CRM and billing data through available interfaces to Google Analytics, FreeSpee, Matelso, Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, or Lexware. Your current system is not included? Ask our team about our individual API connection developments.

The main digital advertising channels are Google Ads, with search ads, display ads and Youtube Ads; Facebook Ads with Facebook and Instagram; Bing Ads, and Waze Ads. There is no best channel, it depends on your goal and your target audience. If you want to develop your brand awareness among a specific audience, Google Display ads or Facebook/Instagram ads wll be the best channels because you will be able to find and target your audience very precisely, they will see your ads regularly, discover and remember your brand or your product. If you want to target your customer when they are looking for your type of products or services online and you want to increase your sales, search ads on Google or Bing will be the best channel. And if you want to increase traffic in your outlet, choose Waze. It’s a very good channel for the restaurant industry, or gas station for example; places that you’re looking for when you are driving.

A multi-location business can use digital ads by creating one campaign and selecting all the areas around the locations. It is the easiest way to proceed but it’s very difficult to control the budget of each location, and Google will certainly spend the most part of the budget for only a few locations in the biggest cities.
To be efficient, digital ads for a multi-location business have to be personalised for each location. This means: one location, one campaign, one destination URL, one budget, one geographic target.
Text ads are specific for each location, and respond perfectly to the research of the internet user. The budget fits perfectly the needs of each location and is really spent for the location.
Of course without specific software, it’s a lot of work and almost impossible.

The budget spent on each location can not be the same everywhere. Needs are different, and the search potential is not the same everywhere. It’s important to create one campaign per location and to define a specific budget for each location. If you work with a software like Adplorer, you will be able to automatically create local campaigns. It is a big time saver and the optimisation will be even more efficient.

A local business needs to use local advertising channels. It’s important to be able to target the right geographic area. Digital ads are the best channel to target the right audience, because you can select age range, interest or even target only people who are looking for your type of products or services. Local businesses can use digital advertising to grow their business. Another big advantage is that it’s a perfect channel to control a budget.

PPC or Pay-Per-Click software is a great marketing tool that helps agencies or businesses to set up and manage a lot of PPC campaigns. It does the entire campaign management including creation, budget management, bid optimisation, and reporting. Adplorer is this type of software.

There are many ways to increase local brand awareness but as a digital marketing agency, these are the ones we recommend:

  • Use free digital marketing tools, such as Google Business Profile, and social media. Update, post, collect reviews, create engagement. Your local brand awareness will increase progressively.
  • To boost your brand awareness, use digital advertising on Google and Facebook, you can control your budget, and you will get fast results. You can find and select your target audience very precisely and follow your results day after day, you can also adjust your campaign if necessary.
  • Google search
  • Google Display
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Are the five most important digital advertising channels.

After creating your Google my Business listing or Google Business Profile. Google will send you a postcard at your business address with a code on it. Enter this code on your Profile and your Google Profile will be online. Now few agencies are Google Business Profile Partners and are allowed to verify your Profile without waiting for the postcard. Adplorer is one of those agencies.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEA (Search Engine Advertising) are the best direct ways to increase your website traffic. But all the marketing actions will have an impact on your website traffic as long as they increase the visibility of your brand.

There are a lot of ways to generate leads but if we focus on digital marketing ads, Google Ads is certainly the best tool to generate more leads in a short time. With this channel you are sure to target people who are looking for products or services that you offer in your geographic area. If your brand appears when the consumer is searching on google, he will certainly visit your website and has a great chance to make a conversion.

No matter what size your business is, it surely does need a strong online presence today.

  • Have a good website
  • make sure that people can find it on Google by using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or/and SEA (Search Engine Advertising).
  • Use Google Business Profile and social media

No matter what size your business is, it surely does need a strong online presence today.

  • Have a good website
  • make sure that people can find it on Google by using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or/and SEA (Search Engine Advertising).
  • Use Google Business Profile and social media

We talk about local online advertising when digital campaigns target only a specific geographic area close to the advertiser. The targeted audience is small but it’s the core target.

Multi-location business means that the business has multiple physical locations. It can be both a franchise or an own business and the locations can be anywhere throughout the world.

Digital marketing KPIs (Key performance Indicator) are the measures which help to define and track marketing campaigns. KPIs are used to measure the success and results of the work the marketer has done on the campaign. In other words, with KPIs a digital marketer can see their contribution and impact on a specific campaign on the business’s success.

  • Impressions: to follow your presence on Google
  • Clicks: To follow your website’s number of visitors
  • CPC: cost per click: to follow the average budget spent on each click
  • CTR: Click through rate that shows the interest of your ads for a user.
  • IS: Impression share: that gives you the potential that you use.
  • CPL: Cost per lead

It’s really important to measure the results of your digital advertising campaign, and with this type of campaign you have a lot of data available to analyse your campaign. This is a big advantage of digital campaigns. Success of your campaign depends on your goals, leads, engagements, traffic… It’s important to define your goal, and then you will have all the data to see if it’s a success or not.

PPC or pay-per-click is the model of advertisement when you pay a fee every time a visitor clicks on your ad. Typically it means the advertiser drags traffic to your website and thus “buys” them instead of gaining them organically. PPC optimization means the changes or improvements of the ad to earn better results. The improvements include the ad itself (its appearance), the keyword research, having localized landing pages, the targeting, the improvement of your website performance (it must be easy-to-use), A/B testing of the ads.  These elements will update your ad and will bring valuable changes.

PPC is the model of marketing when you decide where, when and to whom your ad will be shown. That’s why it has many advantages. The main ones are:

  • The cost. You can control the daily budget and thus the whole cost for each campaign.
  • Pay-per-click. Namely a fee for a click. Unlike other models, here you pay only for specific visits.
  • The targeted audience. The PPC model allows us to drive the right audience to our website based on segmentation options.
  • Data control. In the PPC platform you have all the information about the click numbers, impressions and owning this data you can change or improve the elements you want.
  • Location and time control. Through the PPC model you have the possibility to choose on which platforms your ad will be shown and when. You can even choose the days of the ad’s appearance.

To create a successful Google Ads campaign, create one ads Group per subject that you want to promote. Create a responsive ad with several titles and descriptions per ad group. Don’t forget to use call to action. Use ads extensions (call, callout, snippets, images, address…). The most important part is the list of keywords for each ad group. If your goal is to have impressions, you will need a long list of keywords in broad match, if your goal is to get leads, select the most important keywords in exact match or exact phrase.

We deal with Online Reputation management when we face bad reviews and complaints about our business. Managing it is not pleasant but it’s essential for the business’s online presence. There are several tips to handle it. Consider the following steps:

  • Respond to every review on all the platforms, whether it’s positive or negative
  • Never reply with offensive words to negative comments, be apologetic
  • Listen to their complain thoroughly and try to understand whether it is really a problem of your business or is affected by other factors
  • Ask or encourage your satisfied customers to leave positive reviews
  • Always be present on Social Media,it is an effective way to get more reviews
  • Hire a brand consultant or a reputation manager

PPC can indirectly affect SEO but, in fact it doesn’t help SEO. Indirect benefits can be when a person sees your ad and then wants to go through your organic search results. Or when the site traffic brings a larger scale thanks to social media. They are just the two essential aspects of digital marketing and work differently.

The best way to advertise your business locally is surely getting listed on Google My Business. It’s not only the best way of advertising but it’s also free. Google My Business profile has many features which allow you to fill in all the information about your business. That information will help Google to show your page to the searchers near your business’s location.

You have created a PPC campaign on Google ads, now it’s running and you don’t know how to manage and optimize your campaign. It’s a full time job! Every day, look at your insights, research terms, keywords, and bids. Check the budget spent. Try to remove useless keywords, optimize the bids to be sure to spend the budget on the best keyword with an affordable CPC. Check the geotargeting, optimise your calendar. There are a lot of things to do, that’s why there are so many agencies that can help you manage your campaigns, such as Adplorer.

There are many types of PPC ads, but the most common are these:

  • Search ads
  • Display ads
  • Social media ads
  • Video ads
  • Retargeting ads
  • Shopping ads

A PPC Campaign is a Pay-Per-Click digital advertising campaign. It means that the advertiser will pay every time an internet user clicks on its ad.

Geo targeted marketing means the ad which is targeting people based on their geographical location. People are targeted according to their IP address.

There are a ton of benefits to Facebook Ad campaigns. Here are some of them:

  • Micro targeting. Facebook Ads manager lets you target people based even on their income, hobbies, interests and so on.
  •  People are always on Social Media,
  •  Lots of ad types according to business needs,
  • Cost effective. They can be at low cost as you set your budget.

Google is used worldwide, be sure to reach your audience.

  • You can control your budget
  • You are sure to target the right audience
  • You can start or end your campaign when you want
  • You have all the data reporting you need
  • You can improve your performance everyday by optimizing your campaign

Google Display ads bring much more brand awareness because they have these benefits:

  • Display ads are eye-catching. A creative video or an effective image with the right text and colors will make an impact.
  • They inform about the brand faster.
  •  The availability of a larger audience.
  •  They can be low cost as opposed to TV channel ads. Besides The CPC of display ads is also lower as compared to other ads.
  • Countless Display ad types of different sizes
  • Various targeting options

National digital campaign means when the business creates an ad campaign throughout the country. As to Local digital campaign, it is when the ad’s target is a specific location, geographical area.

Managing reviews of a multi location business is way more challenging. The management can be both corporate and Individual. But to preserve its e-reputation, a multi-location business should use a platform like Adplorer that can gather all the reviews of all locations. The corporate office can check all the reviews and make sure that locations respond on time and in a good way, the corporate team can also choose to respond itself if necessary.

With Adplorer, the location or/and corporate can receive an alert in case of a bad review for example.

If you have multiple Google My Business Profiles to manage, it is easier to use a software like Adplorer. You will be able to update all your profiles in one click and to post on all the pages at the same time. It’s a very good way to improve your local SEO.

With the help of a multi-channel marketing strategy, a company can reach their customers through different communicative methods like social media, email, mobile apps, messengers and more. This strategy helps to always be in touch with loyal customers and also gain new ones.

Google Ads API(Application Programming Interface) is a powerful feature which is used by advertisers to make the needed changes in their Google Ads account with the aps they have created. This helps them to manage the Google ads accounts and campaigns more effectively and easily.

Facebook Ads API is the Marketing API (Application Programming Interface)  which allows you to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. It’s a HTTP API that helps you manage and automate ads, create, target and optimize the ads for boosting your business.

Google My Business API (Application Programming Interface) allows you to manage the information about business location on Google with the help of some key actions. Besides it helps to create posts for multiple profiles, edit or delete them. It’s free of charge but it requires technical, coding knowledge.

Google Business profile API (Application Programming Interface) allows you to manage the information about business location on Google with the help of some key actions. Besides it helps to create posts for multiple profiles, edit or delete them. It’s free of charge but it requires technical, coding knowledge.

Deciding which channel to choose for making video Ads is one of the essential elements of a successfull ad campaign.The marketer should choose the channel depending on the business type, goal and according to where its audience is active.

But the channels which are best at gaining traffic and audience through video Ads, remain Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

  • Look at their position on Google
  • Explain that with Google Ads they can be at the top of the page
  • Reassure them about the cost of the campaign, they decide the budget they want to spend.
  • Convince them with the PPC system, they pay only for website visitors
  • Sign the contract and launch the campaign at the same time with Adplorer’s sales tool!

The price of a PPC Campaign is the amount that the advertiser wants to spend, and that is the biggest advantage of PPC Campaign.

GBP is the abbreviation of Google Business Profile. It’s the first online “face” of your business. When creating this profile in google for your business, you can manage your online visibility on all google platforms. The Google Business Profile lets you control all of the information about your business in Google Search.

Yes, posting on several GMB profiles is possible through Google My business API. Adplorer can help you to post in bulk.

There are many factors that will improve your local SEO with GMB or GBP. When Creating your profiles, try to be more clear with NAP (name, address,phone). It should be the same as in your website even if you have multiple adresses,  the primary one should be the same. Make sure your keywords are for your business’s locations.  Besides keywords, “localize” your headlines of posts so that Google could help you through ranking.It’s important to regularly update your GMB, add pictures, publish posts, answer to reviews.

The advertising budget in franchise networks can be managed in multiple ways. But most of the time, franchisees give a percentage of their turnover to the franchisor for national communication that develops brand awareness. About the local advertising budget, a percentage of the turnover can be agreed, or sometimes a fixed amount. Franchisees can choose where they want to spend the budget depending on its local market.

  • Social media
  • Google Business Profile
  • PPC Advertising

Franchisees are allowed to make local ads under some strict rules defined in the agreement. If the franchisee is allowed to make digital advertising campaigns in its exclusive geographic area, it should be controlled by the franchisor. To be sure that it respects brand standards in particular.

On Facebook Ads or Google Ads it is really easy to select precisely the area you want to target. You can select zip codes or a radius around your location.

Local Digital advertising can be very beneficial for a franchisor, but not easy to manage. The franchisor is often focused on national campaigns whereas local digital advertising campaigns have better results. The franchisor can use a marketing digital platform like Adplorer to organize local digital campaigns. Thanks to the platform, it’s easy to create and manage as many campaigns as locations and follow insights of the whole franchise network.

You MAY but you don’t have to change the bids every day. If you are using Manual CPC Bidding, you can place bids for specific keywords or for ad groups. Then the default bid amount will be set to all new keywords in other campaign ads. When using Maximize Clicks, you don’t need to apply bids for each keyword, you just have to set an average daily budget for them and Google’s system will adjust your max CPC Bids. There are different bid strategies on Google Ads that you can choose depending on your goal and bids will be automatically adjusted every day.

If you’re an agency that manages more than a hundred google ads campaigns, you know that Google Ads has its limits. Using a PPC software like Adplorer can be really helpful. You will be able to follow all KPI’s of all your campaigns in one dashboard. Easily see in red, KPI’s under the objectives, and alerts for specific problems. You can use automatic email reports and a lot of other features that will help you to be more efficient.

CTR or Click Through Rate is a metric in digital marketing that shows how often people clicked on a link, ad or an email. With the help of CTR you can compare how many times your content has been clicked on and how many times it has been viewed. It’s an effective tool to optimize and analyze your ads and advertising campaigns.

Impression share is a useful tool for marketers to understand how well the ad is going. It shows the percentage of your ad’s impressions against the number of impressions that your ad could get. That is : Impression Share= your ads’ impressions/ total eligible impressions.

CPC or Cost Per Click is the amount you pay for a click on your ad.

Responsive Search Ads is a type of search ad on Google Ads. It is an ad with multiple headlines and descriptions. Google Ads will choose the best combinations out of them and present it to the searchers.

The quality score is a rate given by Google to each of your keywords. This score can have an impact on your position on Google Ads search results.

Quality Score is calculated based on the combined performance of 3 components:

Expected clickthrough rate (CTR): The likelihood that your ad will be clicked when shown.

Ad relevance: How closely your ad matches the intent behind a user’s search.

Landing page experience: How relevant and useful your landing page is to people who click your ad.

Google display offers a lot of possibilities to reach your audience.

  • demographic criteria such as age, gender, income and parental status
  • Affinity: users interest and habits
  • In-market: recent purchase intent
  • Life event
  • Your data segments: website visitors, existing database, similar segments.

Facebook ads offer a wide range of targeting types.They are

  • Demographic
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Relationship status
  • Income
  • Education
  • Work 

Adplorer is a software with a cross-channel optimization feature. It will optimize the budget through multiple digital advertising channels to give the best performance depending on the goal of the client.

  •  Device
  • Geotargeting
  • Calendar
  • Bids

Practically, the main difference between SEO, SEA, and SEM is the fact that SEM, Search Engine Marketing, includes both SEO and SEA. SEM is a great advertising channel that brings more traffic to the website with the help of SEA and SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the marketing technique that drives organic traffic, that is without paid ads.

SEA or Search Engine Advertising is the practice which marketers use to gain traffic through paid advertisements.

Yes, there is! A software like Adplorer can do that.

Review Management system is a tool that helps us monitor and respond to the online reviews of customers which can be written on various sites and platforms.

Google Business Profile posts are a great opportunity especially for local businesses to share news, events, services or products of your business on the GBP listing. It’s like a small blog post with photos, videos and links.

The GBP/GMB profiles allow us to create 4 types of posts. They are:

  • Covid-19 Update posts. This type appeared during the course of the pandemic. You can use it if your business is affected by the pandemic and you want to share information about your business’s hygiene practices, about your available hours, some specific services you’re now providing or if your business is temporarily closed.
  • Offer posts. Through this type, you can create promotional offer posts which must have start and end times and will also have a “view offer” button automatically in the post.
  • Event type. If you want to promote an event from your business, then create a promotion through this type. The event type post should have start and end times like Offer posts, otherwise, it’ll automatically be activated only for 24 hours.
  • What’s new post type. Here you can add some basic information about your business, including photos, videos, and an action button.

Facebook provides us with various types of ads and we should choose the right type according to our business needs and goals. Here they are:

  • Image ads: They are the simplest but should not be boring.
  • Video ads: They can be animations, GIFs, or longer videos.
  • Carousel ads. In this type, you can promote up to 10 images at once!
  • Poll ads. Poll ads appear only on mobile FB versions but are a great way to get your audience engaged.
  • Collection ads. In this type, you can add 3 product images with a cover photo or video and it will drive your audience from search to purchase section easily, without leaving Instagram or Facebook.
  • Messenger ads appear in the Messenger app and people can quickly start a conversation with you through it.
  • Stories ads are only for mobile apps and appear vertically, the way we use mobiles.
  • Instant experience ads. Or the previous Canvas ads which provide an impressive full-screen mobile-friendly ad.
  • Lead ads: great for finding the interested audience and collecting their contacts (email addresses, phone numbers, names, etc.)
  • Dynamic ads that can bring dynamic feedback to your ad. This means you can promote your business to the people who have previously been interested.

When you create your Google Business Profile, you have to validate it at the end of the creation process. If a Google Business Profile already exists and you realize that it is your Business Profile, you can claim it and ask for access to this GBP.

To validate your Google Business Profile, you need a code that you will receive by mail on a postcard, or if you have a lot of profiles to validate regularly, you can call a GBP partner agency like Adplorer which is able to validate in one click.

If you see that your Google Business Profile doesn’t appear on the local pack, you need to work on your profile!

  • Post regularly on your Profile
  • Try to get reviews
  • Reply to the reviews
  • Add new pictures