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In&Fi Crédit is a franchise brand of credit brokers for individuals and professionals. The growth of the network is important, with regular openings and more than 120 agencies to date. IN&FI Crédits brokers offer a wide range of financing solutions to meet the credit needs of individuals (real estate loans, personal loans, credit repurchases) and professionals (professional financing). The franchise offers its franchisees many solutions to ensure the success of their business, including generating a maximum number of leads.


In 2017, at the time of our meeting with this franchise brand, they were well aware of digital advertising’s ability to generate leads and were already allocating an important part of its national communication budget to Google Ads campaigns. The company wanted to encourage its franchisees to also use digital advertising locally, given the results. The challenge was twofold: to find a way to motivate the franchisees to use these channels and to offer them a simple solution to do so without it taking too much time (as we know, the franchisees are already very busy with the daily tasks of their business).


To conquer this challenge, we have designed a solution allowing them to activate for each point of sale a local Google Ads campaign financed by the franchise headquarter. The budget of each campaign can easily be increased by the franchisees thanks to Adplorer’s self-service portal.

Before spending even 1 euro on a digital campaign, the franchisee already has access to the results of his local campaign financed by the franchise headquarter. The franchisee can easily determine the visibility and the return on investment that these campaigns bring. The decision to put budget on these channels is therefore an easy one to make!


To date, In&Fi offers local Google Ads campaigns to 129 points of sale. More than a third of the network has wished to add budget on these campaigns. Facebook and Google Display campaigns are also offered on the self-service portal. Thanks to our algorithms and artificial intelligence, CPC (cost per lead) of the campaigns has been reduced from $44 in 2018 to $22 in 2021. A lead corresponds to a contact form completed online.

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