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Adplorer is the All-in-One Marketing Software for Agencies

Agency Tool

Adplorer helps Agencies Scale their Online Marketing Offer

Pierre Vallet
Teamleader SEA Regicom

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Adplorer not only provides agencies with a great all-in-one-tool for marketing, but also offers full-service campaign management as a white label service provider if required.

Our marketing software enables your agency to work smarter, faster, and more precisely. We support your sales staff with sales, your Google specialists with analysis, your social media experts with implementation, your SEO experts with custom reporting, and your managers with administration tools. Our product was developed by an agency for agencies.

Five Good Reasons Why Your Agency Needs the Adplorer Marketing Software

Marketing Software for Agencies

Cost Saving

Save up to 70% on monthly software costs by replacing your individual and separate systems for PPC, social, reporting, and billing with Adplorer!

Marketing Software for Agencies Time Saving Image

Time Saving

Adplorer saves your employees time because large parts of your processes are automated  and all digital marketing data can be found in one place!

digital marketing software for agencies Quality Image

Quality Improvement

Provide better value to you clients. With Adplorer you can offer multi-channel, full-service packages at low prices.

digital marketing software for agencies transparency image

Transparency Increase

Adplorer provides you with an overview of your agency operations. All campaigns are displayed in a uniform standard dashboard, consolidating to-do items in one place and creating clear processes, thus eliminating bottlenecks.

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Scaling Ability

Agencies that use Adplorer require significantly fewer employees to handle large volumes of campaigns. With Adplorer, a campaign manager can manage up to 1500 click-campaigns or up to 250 conversion-campaigns in parallel, while achieving excellent results.

Campaign Reporting

Visualize all results of your campaigns with our reporting solution to better diagnose the campaigns that require your attention. Track conversions for calls, emails, contact forms, purchases, etc. to better measure the return on your customers’ investment. Focus only on campaigns that require your intervention and expertise with alerts that inform you of “at risk” campaigns. Adplorer is a tool for all your marketing campaigns across the main advertising channels, making you a better marketer for your customers.

Marketing Software for Agencies

License the Adplorer Tool Or Use Our Whitelabel Service – The Choice Is Yours




Adplorer’s marketing software for agencies lets your agency work efficiently and smoothly. Our software can create invoices, manage budgets and expenses, and send tickets to your team for customer service requests.

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White Label Service

Adplorer supports your team in setting up, managing, and optimizing your customers’ campaigns. If you wish, we can take over the work on campaigns for you, saving you time and money.